Saturday, October 5, 2013

OMICS (or better COMICS). OMICS is a fake, bogus, junk, mock, scam, sham publisher and must be reported immediately.

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The following text is from WIKIPEDIA:

Criticism of publishing practices[edit]

Numerous complaints have been made about the publishing and other practices of the OMICS Publishing Group and its affiliates. The company director has asserted that its activities are legitimate and ethical.[4]
An investigative report by The Chronicle of Higher Education stated that journal articles published by OMICS may undergo little or no peer review.[5] It was also suggested that OMICS provides lists of scientists as journal editors to create the impression of familiarity or scientific legitimacy, even though these are editors in name only and are not involved in the review or editing process.[5] An editor-in-chief who was contacted by Science stated that he had never handled any papers;[8] in an interview with The Hindu, another said he had not been informed of his purported editorship.[9] The company has been slow to remove the names of editorial board members who requested to terminate their relationship with OMICS activities.[4]
Some observers have described the publisher as "predatory", insofar as authors who have submitted papers have been sent invoices after their manuscripts were accepted for publication despite the lack of a robust peer-review process. Charges may be as high as US$3600.[5] One author received an invoice for US$2700 after her paper was accepted; this fee was not mentioned in the email message OMICS sent her to solicit a submission.[7] These observations have led critics to assert that the main purpose of the publisher is commercial rather than academic.[5][6]
Other criticisms of OMICS include the publication of pseudoscientific articles,[5] deceptive marketing practices,[3][8] targeting of young investigators or those in lower income regions,[8][9] and the advertising of academic or government scientists as speakers or organizers for OMICS conferences without their agreement.[4][8]
The director and founder of OMICS, Srinubabu Gedela, responded to these criticisms by stating that his organization wishes to expand access to scientific knowledge and has 20,000 editorial board members and 500 employees.[4][5]

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