Thursday, May 22, 2014

New FAKE IEEE CONFERENCES within 2014. FAKE/BOGUS IEEE 14th International Conference on BioInformatics and BioEngineering November 10-12 | Boca Raton, USA

We have just discovered a NEW FAKE and BOGUS IEEE CONFERENCE
They do not have Members of the Committee (as of May 22, 2014), but they announce:
Latest news: May 6th: Conference submission site is open Click here


IEEE is a permanent source of Fake / Bogus / Predatory Conferences

Inform your colleagues about the New FAKE/BOGUS IEEE CONFERENCES in 2014. FAKE/BOGUS IEEE 14th International Conference on BioInformatics and BioEngineering November 10-12 | Boca Raton, USA. A conference without Scientific/Technical/Program Committee is a conference without review

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Zoe Michel said...

Dear Colleagues

My name is Zoe Michel and I am secretariat in EUROPMENT,

EUROPMENT conferences are highly prestigious and usually indexed in ISI and SCOPUS.

However, a quite evil and suspicious person:
Leo Bouchard (
created a Fake web site
and organizes conferences that have the name EUROPMENT , but they do not belong to us

They are fake and bogus conferences.
The genuine EUROPMENT conferences are those of , www.europment.ocom and not the conferences of Leo Bouchard

EUROPMENT cannot identify this person Dr Leo Bouchard
So, we cannot know if Leo Bouchard exists or if it is a fake, bogus person with predatory scam conferences

Should you receive any email from Leo Bouchard inviting you to go to his fake and bogus conferences, do not reply but promote it to and

Neither EUROPMENT not any other Society / Publisher that has collaboration with EUROPMENT (for example Springer Verlag, WSEAS, NAUN) has never authorized Leo Bouchard to use our name. On the other hand the site is only ablog. We have contacted google to lock this site.

Today, we found that this site is locked, but maybe they will open again.
They have also some fake - bogus - scam periodical (they called them Journals) with fake ISSN and fake ISBN numbers and fake Editors in Chiefs. We repeat that these Journals do not belong to EUROPMENT.

Actaully at the moment EUROPMENT does not have any journal, but sends the extended versions of the invited papers to Publishers like HINDAWI, WSEAS, SPRINGER, IGI-GLOBAL, NAUN etc...

Also, the site contains plagiarized material and plagiarized committees from the original-source site of EUROPMENT and

Also, Leo Bouchard does not uses email addresses of the type *, because all the addresses * belong to the real and genuine EUROPMENT but the bogus email address

Do not send papers to or to any other email address of

They are fake and bogus people, hungry for money and do not have any relation with the EUROPMENT.

Do not send your CV to them and to not serve to their committees.

The Only true, real and genuine conferences of EUROPMENT are those of (some of them appear also in sepearate web servers of the prestigious societies WSEAS and NAUN, but not to this charlatan Leo Boucard web site --

So, be careful. We are not responsible for the site:

This is a fake, bogus, junk web site that try to steal people and ... glorious from EUROPMENT


Zoe Michel